Who Is Cecily?


Cecily Mcree Hamilton. A name that inspired me more in 6 years than anyone in my entire life. Someone¬†who had so many exceptional talents and abilities and exceeded at everything she did as if she had no choice. Ultra competitive and beautiful, she was just awesome. She still is, because she’s still inspiring us to do great things. She is and always will be the driving force behind the direction this organization takes us.

I can’t express the grief that losing a child causes in a parent. Jeep rides will never mean the same. Funnel cakes will never mean the same nor will¬†vacations. We will probably never step foot on a cruise ship again because we will always remember it as her “best vacation ever.” We’ll never have a reason to go to a high school football game again. She was a shoe-in for homecoming court, and probably queen by her senior year. We’ll never know. We just won’t.

So beautiful. So funny. So silly. Cecily. She was ours and all we want is to keep her memory alive through our outreach. Yea, there were days when she wanted to just lay around on the couch, but if there were something going on, she would be there in a second. And the funny thing was, in most cases, she wanted us there with her. When we got there and she got around her friends, she might have been “too cool.” But when her friends were gone, she was on the couch eating popcorn with us and leaving half open Cokes laying around.

The point is this. Cec was ambitious. It didn’t matter what the cost or the magnitude of the challenge, she was ready. This organization aims to mimic her personality through whatever challenges we endure to fulfill our promise to the community.

And to us, Cecily was absolutely the most precious little girl any parent could ask for. If you’re a teenager reading this, your parents feel the same way. If you’re a parent reading this, you know what we’re talking about. Cecily lives in all of your children, because either she or her legacy has touched you. You wouldn’t have read this far if that weren’t the case.

We will #bringit4cec until forever, and through this endowment, so will you.